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Recipe: Fish Tacos

Who doesn’t like TACOS? many times have I heard.....”I DO NOT EAT or LIKE FISH!”

Actually, it’s the food I hear most people say they don’t like. I usually have to dig deeper and realize it’s because they have only tried one type (usually the fishiest), or because their parents didn’t eat it or they have actually never tried it.⁣

I will be the first to tell may or may not sound appetizing, but when you choose the right one, or prepare it the right way, it can be a tasty, very nutritious, alternative to meat. Fish is very low in calories, total and saturated fat, and provides the same amount of protein per serving that other meat sources provide. ⁣

I try to prepare fish 2x/week, and usually do one meal with fish tacos. “Mexican food” is actually one of my families favorite go-to meals. Using fish as the meat is a healthy way to cut out the amount of fat and cholesterol in your meals.⁣

I encourage you to try it!

Here, I’ve used Mahi Mahi, which is a “meatier” type of fish and doesn’t have a fishy taste. Add your taco favorites and make a meal that is nourishing for you and your family. I love @mrsdashrecipes seasonings- which provide all the yummy taste without all the sodium!⁣

Also, when fixing dinner, consider what you can add to your meals to #eattonourish. For my family- I cut up a bell pepper for my middle child, an avocado for my oldest, and tomatoes and cucumbers for my youngest. They may not like all the same veggies, but go ahead and offer and let them see you eating them. ⁣

Isn’t it funny how kids follow behavior by seeing rather than hearing?! Same with eating behaviors! ⁣

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