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Attention, Giles County Employees!

Amazing news! For those of you Giles County employees (including teachers!) that have Anthem insurance, I’ve confirmed with Anthem that nutritional services are covered at 100%! You can come and see me and they will completely cover the cost!

Also, Carilion has been visiting locations in the county and providing many of you with health screenings including blood work. Do you know what your results mean? Do you have an idea on how to improve any of your numbers that were “high risk”? This is where I can help you! It’s a perfect time to get started and it’s completely covered by your insurance.

So, you’ve got your data and now you know there’s no cost - don’t wait any longer! Let's take those numbers and turn them into a plan for success. Call and set up your first appointment to get you moving towards a healthier you.

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