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Success Story... Meet John!

In honor of Father’s Day tomorrow, I am celebrating one of my male clients who is a dad to 2 littles. John has lost 25 lbs since he first met with me in March! He had a goal of getting to a healthier weight to prevent developing issues that run in his family, like diabetes.

During our sessions we’ve gone through his diet, talking about his go-to foods, and I’ve been able to help him make some replacements and changes to things he had no idea were sabotaging his goals. He’s also been a solely virtual client- which has actually been helpful for me to look through the foods in his kitchen during our Zoom calls and help him understand what adjustments he needed to make to his diet.

It was also important for him to have the freedom to choose a sweet or soda each day, so we built that into his plan and he happily enjoys an ice cold Coke most days, which has kept him from feeling deprived and therefore motivated to keep going.

One of his favorite parts of his success has been getting back into some of his favorite pairs of shorts he thought would always be too small!

Do you have summer goals? Is there a health issue that runs in your family that you want to get ahead of? Reach out today and we can get your success story started!

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