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Success Story - ready for surgery!

It’s time again for me to share another client’s success! One of the amazing things about nutrition is that improvements can result in successes in a variety of areas of your health. Today, I want to share about a client who broke her foot and her doctor could not perform the surgery she needed because of swelling she was experiencing.

I was able to review her nutrition with her and provide direction on some key changes to reduce the sodium in her diet in order to get rid of the swelling in her foot.

One essential change we made was to remove string cheese and cottage cheese from her diet. She didn’t realize, and many people don’t, that 1 cup of cottage cheese combined with 1 string cheese has 700-800 mg of sodium! And wouldn’t you categorize these as healthy?! Perfect example of how and why nutrition is INDIVIDUALIZED. After 2 weeks of implementing the recommendations I gave her, the swelling had gone down. (Swipe right to see before and after photos)

Improving nutrition can result in changes on the scale but it can also benefit you in so many other ways! What challenge are you facing with your health? I’d love to join you on your health journey and watch you succeed! Give me a call today - 540-599-9378

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