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Recipe: Simple Summer Salad

Happy Friday! Looking for a fresh, new way to add veggies to your meals?! This spring mix will not disappoint when piled with all the right toppings! ⁣⁣


See recipe below... and give my new favorite summer dressing a try: Bitten's creamy Lime Avocado! ⁣⁣


~ Spring Mix Salad ⁣⁣

~ Yellow Pepper⁣⁣

~ Cucumber⁣⁣

~ Tomato

~ Feta Cheese/or other preference ⁣⁣

~ Nut of Choice⁣⁣

~ Lime avocado dressing with extra avocados if you like and a squeeze of fresh lime ⁣⁣


Enjoy! And remember, #eattonourish

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