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Recipe: Pita Pocket Lunch

Who feels they eat the same thing over and over again for lunches?! ⁣

Quick fix- change the type of carb (wraps, bread, flat bread, pita pockets)! ⁣

Here, I’ve made a simple, whole wheat pita pocket with left over chicken salad. You could choose any meat- I usually make these with leftover chicken, etc. from dinner the night before. Stuff in all the veggies and you’ve got a healthy “lunchable” pocket! ⁣

These pita pockets pack 4g of fiber and 5g of protein for only 80 calories. I paired with arugula for a peppery twist, avocado oil garden herb dressing, cherry tomatoes and chicken salad. ⁣

Pair with a cup of fruit and you’ve made a healthy lunch, cheap and easy! ⁣

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