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Grocery Shopping Tips!

Many things have changed during the Spring and Summer of 2020, but one thing that hasn’t is that we still need to eat! And that means getting to the grocery store even while we are social distancing. It can be a challenge, but we can still #eattonourish during this time.

You may be trying to limit your trips to the grocery store, so some planning is going to be key. If you can, plan out meals for a week or two. Consider what is already in your pantry and try to plan meals to include what you already have. Also, try to think about meals that could easily be frozen: Casseroles, soups, muffins and breads, etc.

If you’re not able to plan out specific meals, here are some ideas for shelf-stable and frozen items that could easily be used to put together a healthy mealt:

Shelf-stable Products:

  • Dried or canned beans, peas and lentils (such as black, garbanzo, kidney, white and pinto beans; green, yellow or split peas and lentils)

  • Canned vegetables with no added salt (such as tomatoes, green beans and corn)

  • Dried or canned fruit in 100% fruit juice

  • Whole grains (such as brown rice, quinoa, oats, millet and whole-wheat pasta)

  • Pouches or canned fish and chicken

  • Nuts, seeds, and nut butters

  • Olive, canola or other vegetable oils

  • Dried herbs and spices

Frozen Foods:

  • Vegetables (such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and Brussels sprouts)

  • Fruit (such as berries and cherries )

  • Whole wheat pizza dough

  • Poultry

  • Seafood

Before going to the store, organize your list by section of the store and try to buy perishable items toward the end of your shopping trip to reduce the amount of time they spend at room temperature.

Make sure when you get back from the store to first wash your hands, then get the refrigerated and frozen items into the fridge and freezer. It’s a good idea to make sure that you’re storing your food properly so it stays fresh for as long as possible - check out the Foodkeeper App that the USDA developed for more information.

If you need some individualized support during this time, get in touch and I can help! 540-599-9378

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