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Are you savoring your food?

Many popular diets that promise results include overly restrictive rules, eliminating total food types or groups. Getting started on one of those diets may sound easy enough to endure in order to get the results we desire, but when we consider that we were designed to need food and to enjoy it, we may be setting ourselves up for an unnecessary battle that we’ll never win.

One of the downfalls of an overly restrictive diet is that it limits our ability to ENJOY our food. Not only do we become obsessed with what we can or cannot have to eat, we miss out on the delights of food that we truly enjoy. Taste is the most significant driver in what we eat. If our diet requires us to consistently deprive ourselves from the enjoyment of food, then how can it be sustainable? Any weight lost in this way is likely to come back.

Now think for a moment… when was the last time you actually savored something you were eating? I mean truly paid attention to the food you ate- taking in and appreciating the smell, appearance, ingredients, and flavors?

So many times, we are focused on the TV or scrolling through our phone that we don’t even give ourselves a chance to stop and ENJOY what we’ve eaten. Attentive eating has actually been shown to aid in digestion and feelings of satisfaction. In other words, when you slow down, pay attention and enjoy your meal, you’re body receives the signal that you have eaten and are satisfied and no longer needs to send out those hunger signals. Distracted eating can lead to overeating during the meal and after, since we’re not actually registering how much we’re consuming, and even cause digestive issues! Conversely, studies actually show that practicing attentive eating is likely to “influence food intake and can aid weight loss and maintenance without the need for conscious calorie counting”. How does enjoying and savoring sound for a new diet plan?!?

So, what’s the point? Enjoying and savoring food can actually help us eat to nourish and eliminate the need for restrictive diets, by helping our bodies get the right signals to our brains. You may have picked up the belief along the way in life that eating healthy has to equal suffering and deprivation and it’s just not true. If you are ready to start rethinking dieting and start enjoying food as you learn to eat to nourish, reach out today - I can help!

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