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Success Story... staying on track during quarantine!

I know there are a lot of jokes and funny memes going around about quarantine weight gain… anyone need to “practice social distancing from their fridge”? 🤣 It may be true that you’ve spent the first few weeks of this time doing some extra snacking and eating all the goodies you’ve been baking… BUT it doesn’t have to stay that way!

In fact, many of my clients are using this time to catapult themselves into a life of better nutrition. I wanted to share some of their thoughts today, because even though life looks so different right now, there is still success to be celebrated!

One client sent me this message about their progress so far:

“The journey to getting healthy isn’t about perfection. It’s about small steps that soon turn into a new lifestyle change. Small steps that become habits that can easily be implemented for the rest of your life that can make you the healthiest you!”

Another one of my clients summed up their experience like this:

“Emily was great at helping me really look at portion sizes. We consume way more calories than we realize! She is relaxed, real, and encouraging. She knows somedays you just need that brownie and that is ok! Each day is a new day and she is teaching me to have grace with myself as I learn to implement small changes to a newer, healthier me.”

I am so grateful for my clients and the chance to get to be a part of their success stories. You don’t have to start your nutrition journey alone - I’m here to help you! I can be your advocate and give you the individualized support you need. Give me a call today if you’re ready to get started - 540-599-9378

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