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Congratulations 2020 Graduates!

Congratulations, Seniors! You’re finishing a huge chapter in your life and starting a brand new one. You’ve done all the hard work to finish this year strong despite difficult circumstances. I am sure you’ve been thinking about what you’ll do after graduation for some time and have made many plans and preparations.

As you spend this summer making sure that you have everything you need before starting your next phase in life, I have a few questions for you…

🎓 How prepared are you to take care of your nutrition on your own?

🎓 Do you feel equipped to make healthful decisions without the support of your parents or family?

🎓 Do you have some go-to recipes for meals you can prepare on your own that you know will nourish you and give you the energy you need?

If you’re not sure, then let’s add one thing to your summer to-do list... come and see me! I’d be honored to help you get ready to be in charge of your own nutrition. From assessing your health needs, teaching you nourishing eating habits, to grocery store shopping strategies and meal preparation skills, I can give you the tools you need to thrive in this next season of life.

Parents, remember that preventative nutritional counseling is covered by most insurances and you can find the list of insurances I accept in my profile. Give me a call or message me with any questions - 540-599-9378

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