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Thank you, Healthcare Workers!

I’ve been in awe of our healthcare workers over the last few months. They have exhibited such bravery and strength as our world has faced unprecedented challenges. Thank you for all that you do and your extraordinary work!

If you are a healthcare worker, I hope that you are still finding some time to focus on your needs and your health. I know that the demands of the job as well as the challenges of life make it hard to keep your health and nutrition a priority. Things come up and we have setbacks in our lives even in the areas we teach and take care of others … I would know, I’ve actually put on a few pounds during this quarantine! But it’s so important for us to take care of ourselves in order to be a positive and motivating influence on our clients and patients. We have to stop focusing on others for enough time to consider our health and what we need.

For instance… When was the last time you had your blood work done? Do you have an accurate and extensive enough family history to know what health issues you should be working on preventing?

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with clients that have demanding and grueling work environments and schedules - helping them integrate nourishing eating behaviors and habits into their daily lives to fuel their career and passion without having to feel like they are taking on another job! I think of my nurse friends working 3, 12-hour shifts in a row, they definitely don’t need to feel like they are adding anything else on their to-do lists!

If you’re in need of some help to get your own nutrition back on track, I’d love to help you! If you are one of our healthcare workers in #Gilescova, know that your Aetna insurance plan fully covers nutritional services and tele-health is available through the end of September. We can meet virtually, and when you have space in your busy schedule.

Send me a message or give me a call today (540-599-9378) and let’s focus on YOU!

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