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Kids in the Kitchen!

Looking for some ideas to keep your kids busy at home this summer? Why not try to get them involved in the kitchen? When kids help out in the kitchen, they not only have fun, but also learn cooking skills, food safety basics and proper nutrition. Plus, they can further develop math, reading, science and fine motor skills — all while spending time together as a family.

No matter what your child’s age, there is something they can do. I’ve listed some ideas below by age group. Check them out and try implementing one this week!

Some tips before getting started: be available to provide the appropriate amount of supervision based on their age, clean countertops and cooking surfaces, pull back long hair, and of course wash hands!

Ages 3-5:

  • Use cookie cutters

  • Rinse produce in a large bowl filled with water

  • Clear tabletops

  • Mix simple ingredients

  • Use a pastry brush to oil bread, vegetables and other foods

  • Use a plastic knife to cut soft fruit or vegetables on a cutting board

  • Use pieces of fruit to craft funny fruit faces

Ages 6-7

  • Crack eggs into a bowl

  • Use a vegetable peeler

  • De-seed peppers and tomatoes

  • Shuck and rinse corn

  • Use blunt scissors to cut green onions, parsley and other herbs

  • Stir and prepare instant pudding

  • Prepare lettuce for a salad

Ages 8-9

  • Rinse and clean vegetables

  • Use a can opener

  • Beat eggs

  • Measure and mix dry ingredients

  • Use a food thermometer

  • Juice citrus fruits

  • Pound chicken on a cutting board

Ages 10-12

  • Boil pasta and vegetables

  • Simmer ingredients on the stovetop

  • Follow a simple step-by-step recipe

  • Slice and chop vegetables

  • Bake and microwave foods

When you get your kids involved in the kitchen this week, snap a picture and post it tagging @cooknutrition so I can see your kids in action! And if you want to discuss your family’s nutrition and receive guidance on specific needs or issues, schedule a session with me - 540-599-9378

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