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Who Should See a Registered Dietitian?

Wondering if seeing a Registered Dietitian is right for you?  

There are many reasons to see a Registered Dietitian. Generally, you fall into one of two categories: preventative care or management of a chronic illness.


Examples of Preventative Healthcare patients:

  • You have a history of dieting resulting in a cycle of loss/gain of weight but are ready to make lasting changes to your nutrition resulting in an overall improvement of your health.

  • You have a family history of chronic illness (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.) and want to use nutrition to prevent the onset of disease.

  • You are an athlete who would like to improve performance.

  • You are a pregnant mother and want to ensure you have the proper nutrition to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

  • You are a new parent and would like guidance on how to establish a healthy environment for your home and your family's diet.

  • You have a general desire to understand nutrition better and take on a healthier lifestyle. 

Examples of Chronic Illness Management patients:

  • You have been diagnosed with diabetes and would like to learn how to manage your blood sugar using nutrition.

  • You have been diagnosed with hypertension and want to understand what foods to use to keep your blood pressure in the proper range.

  • You have been diagnosed with high cholesterol and want to use food instead of medicine to lower your cholesterol.

  • You are a caretaker of someone with a chronic illness and need guidance on how to care for your loved one's nutritional needs.

  • Your weight is causing mobility issues preventing you from executing normal daily tasks.

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