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Have you been getting outdoors and enjoying the sunny days we’ve been having here in #gilescova? With the weather warming up, we’re naturally outside and being more active. This is a great time to talk about HYDRATION. We need to ensure that we are getting enough water any time throughout the year, but when temperatures are hotter and we’re being more active than normal, it’s especially important.

Take a second and consider how much water you drink on a daily basis.

How much did you drink yesterday? How much have you had so far today? Are you coming close to drinking eight, 8 oz. glasses a day?

If not, it can take developing some habits to make sure you're getting your daily dose of H20.

Here are 3 tips I share with my clients to help them get on track:

  • Have a glass of water BEFORE you have your coffee.

  • Carry your water bottle with you, like your keys or wallet - it’s that important!

  • Put a reminder in your phone to go off every few hours to drink your water.

For more information, including signs of dehydration, check out this article.

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